Tailored Solutions

Medlife strives to help individuals, families and companies find, manage and retain the best international cover suited for you.

Exceptional protection solutions

  • ✓ Direct access to world-class hospitals, private clinics and medical facilities
  • ✓ In-hospital treatments with private rooms
  • ✓ Consultations with leading GP's, specialists and surgeons
  • ✓ Medical evacuations with air ambulance
  • ✓ Direct billing
  • ✓ Worldwide cover that travels with you
  • ✓ 24/7 Emergency support
  • ✓ Out-patient treatment including consultations with GP's and specialists 
  • ✓ Advanced diagnostic tests
  • ✓ Life cover
  • ✓ Personal accident protection

Why Medlife Services Limited?

Leading international broker

With over 20 years experience, Medlife is the leading international medical insurance broker in Malawi.

Prestige broker status

Awarded prestige broker status by our international partners. Guaranteeing
superior service, direct medical access and the best value to our clients.

Independent and expert advice

As independent advisors we represent the needs of our clients offering unbiased, expert advice on a wide range of international medical insurance solutions.

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