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Medlife offers bespoke employee benefits
solutions that address the healthcare and
wellness needs of your workforce.


Medlife helps businesses and groups find, manage and retain employee benefits and company insurance solutions. Medlife offers bespoke employee benefits solutions that address the healthcare and wellness needs of your workforce. 

Given the range of employee benefits on offer, along with the diverse needs of an increasingly multi-generational workforce, Medlife helps you design and implement the right solution for your company. We negotiate the best group discounts on your behalf and offer your business the services that you need, to have a seamless, streamline service offering.

Group international insurance offers cover to all or selected employees of your business. Depending on the needs of the company, this can be a basic or comprehensive plan. We can request a medical history disregarded plan, continuous terms transfer from your previous medical insurance cover, and various other exceptions should you require them. 

Either way, group international insurance is an essential component of any benefits plan, given the importance that is placed on healthcare needs. 

Our group international cover typically feature:

✓ In-patient & out-patient care

✓ Preventative benefits

✓ Pre-existing condition coverage

✓ Dental care

✓ Vision care

✓ Maternity care

✓ Private hospital access

✓ Direct billing

✓ Varying levels of geographical coverage

✓ Group life cover

Employee private health insurance

Large or small businesses

From SMEs to specialist industries and large multinationals, we have global health plans to suit your business.

24/7 Support

Reassure your staff with support from our team of advisers across the globe.

Medical History Disregarded

Medical history disregarded for large groups.

Online plan management

Easy online administration means your employees can manage their own health plans.

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