About Medlife

Medlife Financial Services is an independent specialist broker that gives advice to expatriates about the international medical insurance and life assurance needs. We have been an intermediary for Bupa International and William Russell for over 15 years. We are also intermediaries Aetna and NOW Health International. As an expat, we would like to bring to your attention a few of the many benefits of being covered by world class international medical insurance:  
  • Worldwide cover in 190 countries
  • Portable cover that you can take with you, should you decide to relocate
  • Evacuation and repatriation options
  • A long term solution for medical insurance
  • Better cover compared to local medical aid
  • No penalties for claiming
  • 24 hour emergency help line staff to consult
  • Quick settlement of claims assistance
  • Individual plans
  • Group Plans

Your trust on us

As Experts, Only by using a dedicated independent international health insurance broker are you going to get unbiased, expert advice and ongoing support to make sure that you and your family have the best available protection, without unwelcome surprises waiting around the corner.

What we do for you

Medlife is here to help you – from the initial advice on which expatriate medical insurance policy to buy, through to any assistance that you may need in the future. Our staff is only a phone call or email away. Whether you need changes to cover, need help with a claim or have questions about your international medical insurance policy; we will gladly assist you.

The prices you pay for international medical insurance through Medlife are the same as you would obtain going direct to an expat medical insurance provider, but, with our service you reap the benefit of independent impartial advice at no extra cost. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Why choose us

Medlife assists and advises clients living or working abroad to choose the right international health insurance products to suit their expat medical insurance needs and budget. We help with free reviews at the annual renewal of your international medical insurance policy and can assist you in legitimate disputes with any expat health insurance provider we may recommend. Our quotes, pack service and advice are without charge.

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